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The card template allows listing links to child pages or external websites in an attractive format. It is often used to build out landing page content.

The cards listing allows users to see a list of cards relating to Pages, Links or Articles. The cards contain summary information about the linked content and as the cards are a configurable Content Container Template it allows content editors to curate the presentation of information to users on landing pages and choose the order of the content on a page.

The card component comes in two flavours, manually populated and curated cards or sourced from existing Matrix page content.

Up to 12 cards can be added to a section. When using the manually populated option, you can update the title, description, image, custom button text and link to another page on or off your site. Dynamic listing will source content from the children on the referenced page.

Screenshot preview:

Component type Content template
For  DXP
Min. Matrix version SaaS
Framework Generic