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Personalisation Framework

Personalise your website experience with behaviour and persona targeted content.

Use the Personalisation Framework to create a customised experience for your website visitors that is tailored to their specific needs.

This extension enhances the Matrix editing interfaces so you can target individualised content based on browsing habits or other known user traits.

Enable distributed editing of personalised content, throughout large websites, while leveraging the existing enterprise web content management and workflow capabilities of Matrix.

It uses local browser tracking and doesn’t require a separate user data store.

Key features include:

  • Personalise entire pages or just specific sections of a page.

  • Configure the tracking rules and traits that you want to use to personalise content for your website personas.

  • Use the personalisation testing panel to preview the website as different personas prior to publishing.

Please view the official documentation on how to install and use this extension.

Please refer to the extension's official documentation for information on how to install it.

TypeProduct extension
Extension type Matrix implementation
Version 1.2.0
For Squiz Matrix
Min. Matrix version