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Use the card listing component to display a set of cards on your web page.

The cards listing allows users to see a list of cards relating to Pages, Links or Articles. The cards contain summary information about the linked content and as the cards are a configurable Content Container Template it allows content editors to curate the presentation of information to users on landing pages and choose the order of the content on a page.

This component provides content editors with the ablity to:

  • specify the number of cards per row
  • show a call to action link per card
  • specify the heading level to meet accessibility guidelines

Screenshot preview:

It’s easy to start using a DXP Core Component. All you need is Component Service enabled for your DXP. Then you can access the Components within a Content or Standard Page asset of your CMS.

  1. When on the Content screen of your Page asset, add a new Component.
  2. Select the Component.
  3. Configure the Component.
Component type Content template
For  CMS (Matrix)
Version 1.0.1
Min. Matrix version DXP
Framework Generic