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This extension has been merged into Matrix core as of version 6.19 and is no longer required to be installed separately.

Asset Version History

Advanced version history control for all of your Matrix assets.

Asset Version History extension

The Asset Version History extension enables better version control of your Matrix assets and better visibility of the change history

Once installed, a new screen called "Version History" will be available on all asset types in the system.

When navigating to this screen, a list of all versions that have been captured for that asset will be shown.

Clicking on a version, will show a "snapshot" of that asset and everything that was stored against it at that point in time including its standard fields, attributes, content, metadata, and more.

Note that only versions created from when the extension was installed will be available on this screen.

Please refer to the extension's official documentation for information on how to install it.

TypeProduct extension
Extension type Matrix package
For  CMS (Matrix)
Version 1.1.1
Min. Matrix version