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Create Salesforce Lead (multistep)

Create Salesforce leads from a simple online form or enable pre-registered users to choose to update their details

Easily integrate Salesforce with Matrix to push Matrix form data into Salesforce to create or update a Lead.

Matrix and Salesforce use case

Using a simple Matrix form, visitors to your website can register their interest. Connect takes this contact information and pushes it to Salesforce where it creates a new lead for every unique email.

If a visitor has registered previously, the matched user profile from Salesforce is sent back to Matrix and the user may be given the option to update their details.

It’s easy to integrate using a Recipe. All you need is the right credentials to connect. We recommend you test the integration with a Sandbox account before using it in production.

  1. Click the Activate recipe button to deploy this Recipe in Squiz Connect.
  2. Sign into Squiz Connect if you’re not already signed in.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions to finish deploying the Recipe.
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