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Send Matrix content to Wordbee

Create translated versions of your Matrix site using this recipe.

Implement this recipe to enable content from your Matrix website to be translated into one or more languages by Wordbee. With this recipe, content can be created in multiple target languages based on a single page in Matrix. The translated content can be used to create multi-language sites on Matrix, or sent to other content platforms for marketing purposes.

Matrix Wordbee Translation Use Case

It’s easy to integrate using a Recipe. All you need is the right credentials to connect. We recommend you test the integration with a Sandbox account before using it in production.

  1. Click the Activate recipe button to deploy this Recipe in Squiz Connect.
  2. Sign into Squiz Connect if you’re not already signed in.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions to finish deploying the Recipe.

Activate the recipe

The following configuration steps need to be carried out as part of the recipe activation.

  1. Create and enable Matrix Asset Management API token in Matrix
  2. Retrieve Wordbee API key and platform ID from your Wordbee Translator platform
  3. Finish Activating the recipe in Connect

Customise the flow

After the recipe is activated, the following steps are required to be configured in Matrix to run the flow.

  1. Create translation related metadata in Matrix
  2. Create trigger in Matrix
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