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Simple Blog Website Template

Start publishing blog posts.

The blog template is a ready to use website template and contains everything you need to quickly start publishing blog posts on the web.

Build a relationship with your audience and improve SEO through regular blogging.

You can update the author, time and date fields for each blog post as well as easily customise the site design for things like the hero image, colours, and font.

Other features include:

  • Social sharing tools.
  • Contact form for collecting sign-ups.
  • Pre-configured metadata fields for SEO.
  1. Click the Download button on the right to download the template file to your computer.
  2. In the Matrix administration interface, select Import Assets From XML from the 'Tools' icon menu.
  1. In the Import XML File field, click the Choose File button, and locate and select your downloaded template file.
  2. Optional ) Using the Import Asset under field, choose a location to upload the template in the asset tree on the left. If you leave this field empty, Matrix will import the template at the root level.
  3. Click the Import button to start the import process. Once the import process is complete, the assets are created in Matrix and are ready to use.
  4. Apply a URL to any site assets that were created by the import process:

Once a URL has been applied to all site assets, you can preview the site and start adding content.

For more information on how to use, configure, and extend website template implementations, please visit the Squiz Matrix Manuals.

TypeMatrix site template
For  CMS (Matrix)
Version 1.0.3
Min. Matrix version
Framework Bootstrap 4