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Edify - Student Portal Template

Quickly build, customise, and launch a new portal.

This premium portal template enables you to build, customise and launch a new portal for Higher Education.

Based on best practice website design and implementation, the template comes pre-packaged with a range of page layouts and components to build a beautiful and functional portal with ease.

The template utilises Funnelback Search for content discoverability, Datastore Data Services for content personalisation to authenticated users and Connect Integrations to integrate and collate LMS and SIS data in one friendly location.

Core functionality included with this template:

  • Header with search form
  • Primary navigation
  • Mobile and Desktop compatible Burger menu
  • Page Banner
  • Breadcrumb
  • Content page aside with navigation and related links configuration
  • PWA Install Prompt
  • User menu
  • Widget Grid

Components included with this template:

  • Calendar
  • Social feed
  • Courses
  • Bookmarks
  • Notifications
  • GPA
  • Financial Credits
  • Personalised Document listing
  • Personalised Email listing

Component building blocks provide flexibility with design and branding and personalised configuration of Dashboards and pages.

Built on modern development framework providing, your in-house development team, full access to the code to extend and modify the fully-responsive layouts as your needs change over time.

The template is flexible and easy to customise to your specific needs. It is exclusive to Squiz customers only.

TypeMatrix site template
For  CMS (Matrix)
Min. Matrix version SaaS
Framework Generic
Requires  Datastore Data Services  Connect Integrations  Search (Funnelback)