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Local Government - Search Template

Funnelback for Local Government boosts citizen satisfaction by delivering smarter, more personalized search results without requiring extensive customization.

This premium search template enables you to customise and launch a new search results page targeted to your industry.

Based on best practice website design and implementation, the template comes pre-packaged with a range of features to build beautiful and functional search results pages with ease.

The template is flexible and easy to customise to your specific needs. It is exclusive to Squiz customers only.

Funnelback for Local Government Template

Funnelback for Local Government is the website search solution laser-focused on local government such as councils and local authorities. Easy to integrate with your existing CMS and other digital content, Funnelback for Local Government features pre-configured components designed and built exclusively for local government.


Flexible. Secure. Easy to implement

To have an immediate impact on the citizen experience, Funnelback for Local Government is built for rapid, straightforward deployment. Funnelback for Local Government helps you to build trust and influence with the community.

Engage, onboard and deepen citizen relationships with personalized search results optimized for local government. Provide a search experience across all services, planning applications, cemeteries, council agendas and minutes and much more. Easily configurable out-of-the-box, Funnelback for Local Government is built with extensible architecture to fine-tune for marketing and IT needs.

Over a decade of direct experience in the sector makes Funnelback uniquely positioned to serve the needs of the Local Government sector. Build trust and loyalty out of the box with Funnelback for Local Government.

The concierge

Funnelback Concierge is a sophisticated next-generation auto-completion functionality. If you’ve shopped on Amazon, you know that auto-complete must suggest terms with a robust understanding of content possibilities. Funnelback concierge looks to multiple sources to ensure that your citizens receive a response that reflects their needs, from services and planning applications to council meetings.

Optimised for mobile

Mobile-first search means that you’re never without access to critical data. Experience the quality of mobile search your users have come to expect from Netflix to Amazon.

Website search is the first interaction many users have with your organization. Make it count.

Configurable result summaries

Different content types require an intelligent presentation. Funnelback’s configurable result summaries give more context to the visitor than a title or short description. Adding information like address, status and dates, will help the visitor navigate to a page most relevant to them, reducing frustration and increasing citizen engagement.

TypeSearch template
For  Search (Funnelback)
Min. Funnelback version 16
Framework Generic