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Datastore Multi-page Form Blueprint

A simple recipe that can be used by any web application to add to or manage your Datastore Multi-page Form blueprint

Implement this recipe as a starting point for populating your Datastore Multi-page Form blueprint.

Use this recipe to connect any multi-step web form to Datastore to quickly and securely store submitted data, retrieve and update an incomplete form, and manage that data via an administration service account. Some technical knowledge of the third party APIs will be needed for this implementation - but no code is required.


After this recipe is activated, you need to edit the flow and configure it to point to your datastore instance :

  1. Click the   button to update the flow.
  2. For each REST component step in the flow:
  • Click the   component to open the step.
  • Go to the Input tab.
  • In the URL field replace the string "{datastore-service-url}" with your datastore service url.

input step

For example, the text of the input field "{datastore-service-url}/submission" should be replaced with a valid URL such as "https://us-ec1f0ca5.datastore.squiz.cloud/submission".

It’s easy to integrate using a Recipe. All you need is the right credentials to connect. We recommend you test the integration with a Sandbox account before using it in production.

  1. Click the Activate recipe button to deploy this Recipe in Squiz Connect.
  2. Sign into Squiz Connect if you’re not already signed in.
  3. Follow the on screen instructions to finish deploying the Recipe.
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